Masters that Matter

Masters that Matter
By using design thinking and design research we develop innovative solutions for the complex social and sustainable challenges our society faces.
Social Purpose: 
We are living in exciting times. The fundaments on which our society is built upon are changing rapidly. Not only the underlying causes are diverse, but also everything seems to interact. We know we have to react, but where to start? And to whom? Because when you solve a problem for one party, you might make it worse for the other… These kind of complex social problems are called "wicked problems" and are characterised by a high complexity, an open and diverse context and multiple stakeholders (but not a clear problem owner). The purpose of Masters that Matter is to solve these wicked problems. A few examples: - the rise in obesity - social vulnerability - waste and sustainability problems
Social Impact: 
All our projects go through 4 stages, in which the impact increases per stage. The different stages are:
 - Stage 0: problem definition 
- Stage 1: research & development
 - Stage 2: test & validation
 - Stage 3: implementation The social impact is the biggest in Stage 3 ‘implementation’. 
For measuring social impact we most often use Social Return on Investment (SROI).
Innovative Character: 
A designer is perfect to solve these wicked problems. They have knowledge about development processes and they know how to work with the different requirements of for example marketing, distribution and end users. And ultimately come to a solution that everyone agrees upon. It is this specific design knowledge, called Design Thinking, in which Masters that Matter specialises and applies to solve the Wicked Problems of our society.