MOD- More Organ Donation

MOD- More Organ Donation
MOD More organ donation is an organization that wants to reduce transplant waiting lists in Sweden.
Social Purpose: 
MOD wants everyone who needs a transplant to get it on time without unnecessary suffering. The ambition is to start a movement around the issue to increase knowledge and understanding about organ donation among the public, so that more actively say YES! to organ donation.
Social Impact: 
Increased number of people that say yes to organ donation leads to more organs available to those on the waiting list, now and long-term. Shorter waiting lists means saving lives and decreasing suffering. During 2013 the number of people listed to donate their organs had doubled, from 34 000 to ca 60 000 people.
Innovative Character: 
MOD attacks the issue of raising awareness and affirmation of organ donation in a new and modern way, reaching out on a personal and emotional level. For more and new audiences. MOD was formed as a self-contained, youthful and entrepreneurial complement to the work already being done in the public sector. The activities inlcude an app to register yes to donating your organs, and film, social media and TV campaigns.