An online gallery to promote young contemporary art with a series of institutional activities: exhibitions, art courses and B2B.
Social Purpose: 
Bring young contemporary art in every home and office. The idea answers different problems: in one hand the difficulty of young artists to enter the contemporary art market and in the other new audiences who could be interested in contemporary art but find it elitist. So the idea is to make easier the meeting between these two demands. Thus, the purpose is to give one more chance to young artists to pursue their dream and their art's studies. And, to bring contemporary art in everyday life of new public. Moreover, Mostrami promotes contemporary art as a driver for social growth. So the purpose is dealing with social problem through young contemporary art; this purpose is pursue mostly in offline activities.
Social Impact: 
Firstly, Mostrami could give young artists a first impression of art market and could facilitate their entrance in it. Secondly, new publics could approach the contemporary art world through Mostrami. And finally, Mostrami could generate awareness about social problems. Art is as an opportunity to meet people and generate social exchange. Art as new content, as a stimulus, provocation. Art as an aggregator, especially for young people. This is a cultural impact that affects every day life of fans, customers and artists involved.
Innovative Character: 
Buying art is often seen as a financial investment that will gain value: so, something for very rich people. But lots of people buy in little galleries or in shops something that they really love to “put it on their empty walls”. So the innovation is creating an art gallery online, with a very wide choice that would make anyone buy the artwork they prefer. One of the innovative aspects of our art project is the strong use of new technologies to make the art field closer and more widespread than ever in any space and in any time. The creation of the webgallery and the community was carried out through: - the creation of the blog - communication by all major social networks (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube, pinterest, instagram) - the use of the latest developments in the SEO (Social Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing). In the near future, we will use three new tools for contact / communication: • the creation of "virtual exhibitions" to "approximate" new audiences and allow them to access to the exhibitions far from them; • the launch of an "app" for smartphones that allows the enjoyment of art at any time and context, with a great graphic quality, on devices that are increasingly being used by the younger generation; • the spread of performance / exhibitions through the network of "Web TV" so that events can be followed without space and time limits with technology, media, languages that "speak" in the same way of young people and involve them in an immediate and stimulating .
Scaling Trajectory: