Movement e.V. (organisation) – Clay pot cooler - cooling without electricity(project)

Movement e.V. (organisation) – Clay pot cooler - cooling without electricity(project)
Movement is a German association. We have several projects in Burkina Faso. One of them is the clay pot cooler project - cooling without electricity.
Social Purpose: 
In poor and dry developing countries the clay pot coolers can help to avoid food losses, increase food security, strengthen the regional economy, fight poverty and the lack of cooling devices. It can break off the current mindset that it’s obligatory to have a fridge. In the hot and dry Mediterranean regions of Europe the clay pot coolers can be used as well for cooling food. It works very well during the dry summers. During cold and wet winters, the food can also be stored outside in a dry box.
Social Impact: 
Developing countries: In most countries pottery is made by women. Clay pot coolers are a new product, which thy can sell additionally to their existing product portfolio. Therefore the production of clay pot coolers increases the revenue of mostly very poor pottery making women. Mediterranean area: clay pot coolers can be produced in cooperation with disabled peoples, giving them the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable product.
Innovative Character: 
Developing countries: clay pot coolers bring the possibility of cooling food to the poor people (refrigerators can only be afforded by wealthy people) Mediterranean Area: Clay pot coolers can replace fridges and therefore contribute to a more sufficient and less energy intensive lifestyle.
Scaling Trajectory: