MTÜ Avitus / NGO Avitus

MTÜ Avitus / NGO Avitus
The main course of action of NGO Avitus is prevention and alleviation of mood disorders
Social Purpose: 
The mission of Avitus is to increase people’s well-being and decrease stress, depression and burnout. Today ca 38% of people in EU suffers from some kind of mental disorder (incl. mood disorders). Mood disorders like anxiety disorder and depression affect 8,7%-11% of population in Estonia, reducing work performance of these people 30-40%. Constant stress (incl. work stress) affects 22% of population of EU, and studies have shown that ca 50% of absence from work is caused by stress. According to WHO depression is the main reason in the world of being incapacitated for work, and as a cause of disability. It's important to prevent and alleviate serious health problems caused by mood disorders to keep people healthy, increase their quality of life, and reduce state costs associated to health services and subsidies.
Social Impact: 
Social impact was first time assessed in 2013/2014 and will be updated once a year, and it was assessed separately for individuals and organisations. Desired impact for individuals: The well-being of Estonians increase, stress, depression and burnout decrease. Activity of Avitus help to decrease the cost of society on mood disorders and increase revenue of people and state. Healthy atmosphere in families affects positively mental health of children today and tomorrow. Individuals have said that, they have gained increased knowledge about mood disorders; better skills to help themselves; changed attitude and behavior; increased self-confidence and well-being; restored health and performance. Desired impact for organisations: Leaders, managers and team-members work in effective organisations with good atmosphere. Assisting professionals know how to better support their target group and avoid personal burnout. Organisations have claimed that the participants have increased knowledge about mood disorders; better skills to help themselves; increased openness to talk about mood disorders; changed attitude; they would suggest trainings of Avitus to others.
Innovative Character: 
Avitus has wider approach to dealing with mood disorders in society, than other existing initiatives. Avitus combines 3 different levels of intervention (individuals, public sector, business sector) when offering services. As mood disorders affect anybody despite of activity and income, it's a way to reach and help people in different sectors. Offering services to business sector ensures sustainability of Avitus. But also possibility to offer group programs at a low price to people in need. And as work related stress, depression and anxiety disorders affect work-life, it's important for companies to educate managers and employees to notice and acknowledge these problems to prevent more serious problems on health and company's operations. Public sector like municipalities, hospitals, Unemployment Office etc. need to educate specialists, so that they can understand how to treat people they encounter. But also to remain healthy themselves. Working with individuals includes both individual and group counseling.