Mud Jeans International BV

Mud Jeans International BV
MUD Jeans designs, produces and distributes fair trade jeans and other fashion of organic cotton and/or recycled materials.
Social Purpose: 
Mud Jeans wants to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the fashion industry and recycles or upcycles all their materials.
Social Impact: 
Make the fashion industry sustainable and affordable; Improve the use of fair trade organic cottons; Develope a new fashion concept about using instead of owning; Reduce the fashion industry waste; Reduce the water use (by selling 1 million jeans we will save 2.400.000.000 liters of water)
Innovative Character: 
- Producing sustainable jeans from fair trade organic and recycled cottons; - Develop a sustainable "Lease a jeans" concept in which when a pair of Mud Jeans is returned by the wearer, the manufacturer then makes a new pair out of them.
Scaling Trajectory: