My Dream Now

My Dream Now
My Dream Now aim to reduce youth unemployment and alienation, by offering volunteers to coach students to identify their potential and find ways to future job and work towards their own goals.
Social Purpose: 
Companies need skilled labor. While many students lack motivation in middle school and high school, that leave more than four out of 10 pupils primary school in some areas without qualifications to enter high school. They have few role models and do not know what exciting opportunities they have in the labor market. My Dream Now organise meetings and exchange between students, university students and professinals to inspire young people to see their potential and see the value in engaging in their own education.
Social Impact: 
The social impact is the increased motivation experienced by the students, that can lead to better education and increased likelihood of employment in adult life. This is measured on a long-term basis and cannot be evaluated in the short term. An immediate social imapct is the meetings between individuals from different areas and backgrounds, creating bridges and expanding the networks young people in areas with high unemployment.
Innovative Character: 
My Dream Now focus on areas with high potential, with high unemployment. They have developed a tool that assist students in the process of identifying long-term goals and break it down to immediate targets. My Dream Now also provide an opportunity for companies, as their customers, to offer their employees meaningful activities as coaches to middle school students during office hours.
Scaling Trajectory: