An online platform for sustainable innovations, where bottom up action from citizens and actions from businesses are combined + a global leadership challenge with a selection of multinationals.
Social Purpose: 
Nudge wants to initiate, facilitate and communicate about bottom up ideas - concepts with a sustainable value for the local context. Some initiatieves have been implemented regionally or nationally. It connects ideas with people and organisations that can implement the action. It includes all individual actions that otherwise would feel "powerless" by global or local problems.
Social Impact: 
360 bottom up projects have been selected and realised via Nudge platform, ranging from low cost, local dynamics to substantial investments in larger projects. Also 30000 persons are active in the community. +200 companies are "friends" of nudge, and thus have committed resources (both money and in kind) a number of founding partners.
Innovative Character: 
the hybrid setup of the platform with both a broad community and a number of compananies with a genuine interest in / core focus on the implementation of those initiatives. A number of similar one sided platforms exist, but none seem to incorporate the same advanced techniques and processes to realise to actions.
Scaling Trajectory: