OÜ Solve et Coagula

OÜ Solve et Coagula
"Solve et coagula" wants to improve support and rehabilitation for people with different health-related or social problems
Social Purpose: 
Sheltered workplaces and green thinking together. We have the experience to provide a variety of ideas for recycling. For example: how to make a pouf of the old car tires or so on. More examples can be found on our website gallery. This kind practise helps to keep prices (net cost) at the low level. Our target words are: reuse practice, creative approach and “green thinking” . We think we can make lessons for teachers, social workers and activity instructors who are dealing with young people, or people with special needs. We also have a theoretical basis (creativity, personality development etc.), because Indrek Linnuste is a psychologist by education.
Social Impact: 
There are no more such kind workplaces for people of special needs and so on. This is quite a new direction in Estonian social field, especially in Pärnu - small town.
Innovative Character: 
To help disabled people, people who have been released from prison, and people with different health-related and psychosocial problems who, regardless of difficult life stories, have the will and skills which due to unstable life and lack of output have so far been unrealized.