Odysée Asbl

Odysée Asbl
A non-profit organisation which seeks out young people who are threatening to drop out of school and helps them get back on track.
Social Purpose: 
The initiative addresses the problem of school drop-out. It is important as early school leavers are often excluded from the labour market and stay unemployed for very long time.
Social Impact: 
They get young people excluded from education system into track by putting them in a project (personal or educational). they address about 400 youngsters every year. The impact is assessed in a yearly activity report.
Innovative Character: 
In collaboration with 17 schools in Brussels, early school leavers are guided back into school by, among other things, carrying out an analysis of the reasons for dropping out, working intensively on motivation, self-respect and a personal project, and organizing group workshops for young people, as well as training sessions for teachers and educators. They developed a unique and innovative methodology to address the young early school leaver by taking into account the complexity and the multiplicity of causes of early school leaving.