Off Grid Box

Off Grid Box
Off Grid Box (OGB) is an innovative, all-in-one, utility system that enables independent living in any environment, whether by choice or as a result of natural disasters.
Social Purpose: 
Which structural challenge(s) does the initiative address? Why is this challenge important? Over 1.2 billion people – 20% of the world's population – have no access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries. About 2.8 billion people use solid fuels—wood, charcoal, coal and dung—for cooking and heating. Every year fumes and smoke from open cooking fires kill approximately 1.5 million people mostly women and children, from emphysema and other respiratory diseases. Moreover, 2.5 billion people – 36% of the world’s population – lack improved sanitation facilities, and 768 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources. Off Grid Box is a pioneering technical solution that sustainably and holistically addresses energy and water needs in building of different nature. OGB is able to produce renewable energy and clean water as long as sun, rain, and wind are naturally provided, also, if there is availability of only contaminated water or seawater, OGB is able to treat and use it. Off Grid Box embodies the Total Off Grid concept, thus promotes an eco-sustainable and healthy way of life, with no need of grids, no emission of carbon, no discharge of environmental pollutants. The self-sufficiency in satisfying electricity, heating and water needs is a key achievement, especially for poor communities. Such a multiple independence may allow reducing environmental and climate pressure, improving the individuals’ quality of life, and empowering, also financially, local communities. The widespread use of Off Grid Box may significantly contribute to the Millennium Development Goals achievement, in particular to goal 1 "Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” and goal 7 “Ensure environmental sustainability” - in particular, Target 7c “Halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation” and Target 7d “Achieve, by 2020, a significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers”. For all the aforementioned reasons, Off Grid Box may represent a suitable and handy solution for local development projects within international cooperation intervention, for emergency actions, or simply, for dwellings in remote areas lacking basic services.
Social Impact: 
People have access to electricity. People have availability of eco-sustainable and healthy thermal energy source. CO2 emissions avoided and TEP avoided. Access to water: litres of collected storm water. Access to safe drinking water and improvement in sanitation: litres of treated water. Preservation of the environment. Local communities empowerment.
Innovative Character: 
The Off Grid Box is a pioneering, all-in-one, plug-and-play solution that allows either buildings or communities to sustainably live in disconnection from electrical, gas, water, sewage and other utilities networks. It provides the production and storage of electrical and thermal renewable energy together with the collection, storage and treatment of polluted or salty water. Off Grid Box is a new on the market and patented solution, as a number of the technical devices inside it are. It is one of its kind. As a matter of fact, there are no products in the global market similar to it nor competitors who have merged all these systems (electricity, heat and water). Surely, separate systems responding to specific needs do exist and have been available on the market, such as container-based solutions for electrification, water purification or heat, but most of them do not rely on renewable energies and this affects the overall environmental and economic performance. The avant-garde design, by integrating and pre-assembling several technologies, optimizes the overall product's performance, quality and reliability while respecting the budget constraints.
Scaling Trajectory: