Almost everything you buy causes emissions that lead to climate change.Offsetability lets you see how much they are,and offset those through projects which reduce emissions by the same amount.
Social Purpose: 
Climate change is a problem caused by wealthy nations, but will have it's greatest impact on the poorest nations. The purpose of OffsetNow is to help us reduce our impact and pay our share to reduce climate change.
Social Impact: 
The primary social impact is measured through the reduction in emissions from offsets sold by OffsetNow, which come from UN-certified projects which provide measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (while also providing local social and environmental benefits in developing countries; example: We measure this in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent that are prevented. A secondary social impact is to raise awareness of the cost of greenhouse gas emissions. Virtually everything we buy has a climate cost, but we usually aren't paying that cost. It would be much cheaper if we paid that cost now by offsetting, instead of adapting to the consequences later, not to mention avoiding social and environmental destruction. OffsetNow raises awareness by showing this cost when people buy a product, and making it possible for them to pay it now. We measure this impact quantitatively through the numbers of active users and social media shares, as well as tracking the coverage of this topic in the press and in political debate.
Innovative Character: 
Some products are already available as "carbon neutral" (meaning that their climate impact has been offset by projects that reduce emissions) but most things we buy are not. OffsetNow provides offsets in small enough amounts to offset individual products, so that individuals can make virtually anything they buy "carbon neutral" already now. It also allows companies can make their products carbon neutral quickly and without a large investment.
Scaling Trajectory: