Crowdfunding platform with a focus on sustainable and eco social projects that have an impact on people and/or the environment.
Social Purpose: 
In order to make social innovation come true, entrepreneurs need finance. However, banks are more and more reluctant to give credits and other traditional ways of financing are often no option for sustainable SMEs and social entrepreneurs. By connecting the entrepreneur to the crowd, Oneplanetcrowd helps finance these innovations that have an impact on the environment or the planet. Moreover, Crowdfunding empowers people to decide what they find important to invest in. Crowdfunding is sometimes referred to as the “democratization” of the capital.
Social Impact: 
Oneplanetcrowd connects social entrepreneurs with an impact-driven crowd, with over 70 % successful projects that get financed. Nevertheless, Oneplanetcrowd as a young company did not yet implement an impact measurement method.
Innovative Character: 
Oneplanetcrowd focuses on sustainable and eco-social impact and is the first sustainable Crowdfunding platform with cross-border activities. Because Oneplanetcrowd is focusing on social and sustainable impact, it also attracts a likeminded crowd that does not only help finance the projects but get involved and act as ambassadors, contributing to the success of the entrepreneurs. We offer various financing options (donations, rewards, loans, convertibles) with an international crowd, offering the projects in English, Dutch and German. While other Crowdfunding platforms generally only offer limited financing models and/or operate only nationally, Oneplanetcrowd combines an international crowd with flexible financing options, allowing each type of investor to invest and entrepreneurs to address the right target group.