Open Cinema

Open Cinema
Open Cinema is a film studio for excluded communities
Social Purpose: 
Open Cinema addresses severe exclusions – social, cultural, educational – and measurably supports the efforts of frontline agencies to alleviate the multiple and complex needs of homeless people, offenders, people in care, the unemployed and those on low-incomes. The intervention is designed both to prevent and provide routes out of the downward spiral in quality of life, which these circumstances create. In doing so, it strives for a more equitable, just, and sustainable society.
Social Impact: 
Our theory of change (see attached slide) is implemented through a four-stage process: engagement / inspiration /development / progression. We use participatory culture to engage hard-to-reach individuals and communities; co-programme streams of content to spark or renew interests and aspirations; cross-refer them to other Open Cinema or host agency programmes to convert interests into practical skills; and enable pathways into external sources of education, training, work, housing, and independent living. We publish impact reports every year.
Innovative Character: 
The company has built the world’s first and only international network of community cinemas. It applies high-level creative industry thinking and approaches to the delivery of media platforms, infrastructure and programmes in severely challenged communities. WE aim to be the world’s first big-screen digital platform for education and culture, and have these screens owned and benefitting the communities in which they reside.
Scaling Trajectory: