Opera Domani

Opera Domani
Opera domani is a project aimed at arising young audiences' interest in opera through the production of interactive shows and didactic programmes.
Social Purpose: 
The project answers a double challenge. First of all the need to give back to opera its social and cultural role. Opera at its origin was a popular artwork, then it changed and lost contact with citizens and became a too snobbish art form. Young generations have no idea of what an opera is, or they have strong prejudices against it. So the social innovator meets the need to give people the opera back, at least to let opera sing again and let itself be heard by all the people. The mere production of good opera shows is not enough, as there is a real social prejudice against the whole genre.
Social Impact: 
Social impact is double. An immediate impact of sharing and growing culturally for young audiences of any part of the city/country. The immediate effect is to arise interest for the opera as an art form in the audience, as they experience a real exciting opera show. Another impact is related to families. After watching the show children share the active experience with parents, so more and more shows specific for children are offered in several cities. This way the project gives opportunity to a particular section of society to visit an opera show for the first time. In fact for many years the world of opera hasn’t cared for its audiences, and moreover tried to select it, in order to reach only a very small slice of society. The result of this behavior was empty Opera Houses in the last decades. So an education project is the right answer to such a cultural gap. Being an education activity related to an artistic product must include the artistic production and give audience the immediate possibility to access a show in an Opera House.
Innovative Character: 
Innovation lies in its peculiarity of active participation of the audience in the shows. Not only because things we DO are actually more easy to remember than things we hear or watch, but also because singing in the huge choir of stall is an enriching experience thanks to the power of music, even if you don’t know the music. Innovation is in combining education and artistic emotion.
Scaling Trajectory: