OutdoorMap is a publishing tool tailored to create outdoor guides for web and mobile, to guide people to richer outdoor activities.
Social Purpose: 
Muncipalities manage great nature areas and sites, but lack channels in which to promote them in the digital era. OutdoorMap is a great tool for anyone who wants to find nature's hideaways. You can find a site for an eventful evening stroll but also weekend day trip. The great thing is that there is now an opportunity to tell others about it.
Social Impact: 
OutdoorMap enable easy access to natural sites, to a larger audience, leading to better health and more physical activity.
Innovative Character: 
The service is used by municipalities, organisations and businesses to inspire and guide to outdoor activities. The OutdoorMap guide is created for both the PC and mobile, allowing users to plan their outdoor activities at the kitchen table, and then bring their guide in their pocket when they take to the woods. It is easily implemented on a website, while becoming an important part of the Swedish Nature Map.