Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération

Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération
Montbéliard Urban unites in a single platform all the associations that collect savings integral in Franche-Comté.
Social Purpose: 
The combination of 29 towns used to allocate a larger budget for these services: no common would only ways to achieve a water pollution control plant. This grouping also helps coordinate their implementation: it is hard to imagine the operation of several bus services within the same city. The Land Development Council of Montbéliard Agglomeration is a forum for dialogue and debate with the aim to enrich the debate on the major issues of our territory, thanks to the crossing of skills and citizen perspectives. This Council representing the forces of the territory has seen its enlarged membership to 109 members in June 2013, with the creation of a sixth college composed of volunteers to citizens to participate in discussions and debates about the future of their agglomeration.It is through citizen engagement and collective intelligence that the council confirms its role of think tanks.
Social Impact: 
Montbéliard agglomeration exerts a total of forty responsibilities (or skills) directly or by delegation of public service: urban transport, distribution and water sanitation, construction of the university center, economic development, garbage collection or sorting waste.
Innovative Character: 
Montbéliard Agglomeration is the first urban community to have been created in France on 28 October 1999. It replaced the Urban District of Montbéliard it took over the functions and responsibilities. In order to fulfill its tasks, the Urban Community of Montbéliard can count on more than 500 staff and a budget of over 200 million. This figure reflects the diversity of its missions in areas that directly affect citizens: The protection of the environment and the living environment: waste recycling, flood prevention and natural hazards, air quality measures; Employment and the economy with the development of business parks: Technoland Etupes, business park Mill Dampierre-les-Bois, the site of Roche Bart; The organization of public transport: the bus network CTPM Distribution with Veolia; The construction and management of sports facilities: the Axon, the Bonal stadium; Higher education: development of the university site Jura doors in Montbeliard; The policy of the City: monitoring systems set up in collaboration with state agencies and municipalities.