Perspectives – Digital stage technology

Perspectives – Digital stage technology
A project where poorly educated and/or long-term unemployed young people can receive basic training in and collaborate on a light and sound show over 9 months.
Social Purpose: 
Social exclusion and unemployment among marginalized young people.
Social Impact: 
The programme enables young people who would have been long-term unemployed, maybe even homeless, to integrate into society and find jobs, or at least some missions during festivals, concerts, etc. The programme keeps track of its alumni, namely all the persons who have followed the programme for the last 20 years by contacting them informally on a regular basis and assessing their integration into the labour market. They have some statistics on the inclusion of the young people in the labour market (available upon demand).
Innovative Character: 
This programme for young people has the advantage that many other basic skills, than just those related to light and sound show, are acquired (basics in mathematics, computer science, electricity, but also collaboration, organisation, etc.) which are useful when looking for work in all sectors. Another innovative character resides in the fact that the organization makes sure to include young people by addressing their original interests, and offering them training/job opportunities in this same field of interest. Finally, the programme also offers some counseling services to the young people (in addition to the training).