Fishermen in responsible tourism
Social Purpose: 
The Pescatourism project (fishing tourism): The objective of this project is to mingle the diversity of traditional activities and professional fishing with tourism. This project helps professional to earn money in another way, to protect the environment by less fishing and to educate tourists about a traditional work.
Social Impact: 
To combine a traditional and economical activity with responsible tourism. The purpose is to keep the job of fisherman as the main source of revenue but to complete it with an additional activity which is Pescatourism. It allows the fisherman to meet tourists and to share about their different cultures, style of life. Pescatourism improves the standard of life of fishermen. the fisherman does a complet different job. The fishermen is getting new skills as the learns to cook, to guide the tourist, he learns English… There is a transmission to the tourist which means that the culture, the tradition of the fisherman is improved, is expensed abroad. By this way, the fisherman is more aware of his own work, his own values. The tourist and the fisherman have a direct contact, an exchange and the tourism product is to live an experience. It promotes the traditional jobs of the Italian culture.
Innovative Character: 
In Italy, it is the first place where Pescatourism has started in a moment where fishermen did not earn enought money to live decently. Fishermen in tourism allowed a numerous fishermen to keep their job and in the same time, to meet people coming from different countries. They also could present their job to the public by making living to the public a very specific experience.
Scaling Trajectory: