Piercing eyes by Trend and tradition

Piercing eyes by Trend and tradition
Selected italian artists are presented on www.piercing-eyes.com to get in touch with prospective clients to sell artworks or to co-design them.
Social Purpose: 
Piercing Eyes offers to Italian artists/designers a "window" to a worldwide public interested in the kind of objects they produce or can produce custom-made; it is a good way to promote on a large scale small professional activities that would risk to disappear if they had to count solely on local clients.
Social Impact: 
There are 2 main different kinds of impact: 1. employment and revenue generation: more clients and bespoke projects for artists/designers; 2. culture: the worldwide promotion of Italian artists/designers; clients' stimulation to use their own creativity to co-design bespoke objects together with the artist/designer; the promotion of contemporary Italian culture to an international community.
Innovative Character: 
Piercing Eyes is a curatorial project; artists and designers are carefully selected for their proficient techniques and their artistic research, innovative and contemporary, as well as for their willingness to dialogue with the clients for the production of bespoke pieces.
Scaling Trajectory: