PIMP the GARBAGE is a social enterprise aiming to provide project-based employment to various groups of disadvantaged people, by teaching them how to craft useful products out of garbage
Social Purpose: 
PIMP the GARBAGE addresses two critical issues for the Romanian market: - the poverty that disadvantaged people face due to unemployment - the low recycling rates caused by the lack of a recycling culture In 2012, Romania had the second highest number of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the European Union . In order to change this dramatic statistic, we need to create employment opportunities, especially for the people needing it most: the disadvantaged. Usually, these people have a low level of education and no professional qualification. Therefore, we cannot ask them to perform tasks that require sophisticated knowledge or highly-qualified practical skills. However, handcrafting seems to be a good option. It can be easily thought, can be performed in almost any environment and does not require major initial investments. In fact, the initial investment needed can be further narrowed down by using inexpensive raw materials, such as… garbage. And this is how we come around the second critical issue that our project addresses: recycling. Romania has the second lowest recycling rate in Europe . In this context, identifying new profitable ways of recycling can be a great stimulus for changing this alarming situation. What PIMP the GARBAGE is trying to do is tackle both issues, by: - ensuring a minimal revenue to the people in need and - developing new ways of protecting the environment.
Social Impact: 
For the disadvantaged people we will be working with, PIMP the GARBAGE will provide a minimum revenue allowing them to survive. Making their lives better is therefore our aim. At an environmental level, we plan to encourage the consumption of recycled (upcycled) products and create demand for those products. This will benefit both the environment (as we offer a waste disposal alternative) and the consumer (as it might boost his self-esteem at knowing that he acquired a responsible product). We intend to asses our impact on both levels on a yearly basis and hope to double this impact each year in the first 5 years.
Innovative Character: 
What differentiates PIMP the GARBAGE from other similar initiatives is the fact that it successfully combines two different missions: helping the disadvantaged and taking care of the environment. What is also particular is the fact that, for completing its missions, this social enterprise aims to provide its own sources of financing, relying on donations only at the beginning of its activity.
Scaling Trajectory: