Pluss is a Social Enterprise that supports over 5,000 people with disabilities and other disadvantages into employment each year.
Social Purpose: 
People of all abilities are inspired to achieve a career. We are committed to maximising opportunities for people of all abilities. Enterprise is above all a business; a business that makes fair profit. What makes Pluss different is that we have a clear social purpose and use our profits to deliver it. What matters is what we do! Pluss’ clear business purpose is the provision of services that support the employment of people with disabilities and disadvantages, always to include those considered furthest from the labour market. This business purpose is the reason for Pluss’ existence. Our purpose as a social enterprise will be embedded in to every aspect of our work. It will never be considered an ‘added extra’ that is jettisoned when times get hard. Read our Social Enterprise policy.
Social Impact: 
Our actions will be based on the belief in the abilities, rights and responsibilities of all individuals to achieve independence and self confidence through informed choice. We will work with others with integrity to develop innovative and creative solutions to customers’ needs.
Innovative Character: 
The provision of services that support the employment of disabled and disadvantaged people - always to include individuals considered furthest from the labour market. We will manage a financially strong social enterprise which reinvests all surpluses to improve, develop and expand services that deliver social value.