game and interactive media company which is developing a location-based game app for saving CO2 and educating youngsters about sustainability
Social Purpose: 
Our project aims at two things: educate a younger audience about sustainability and secondly make it fun to save CO2 and give them a long-term motivation to apply the learned information around their current location.
Social Impact: 
As the project is in development we haven’t any figures and measures about our impact. But we are sure that our product in the near future will reach out to a younger audience and tries to engage them in topics like ecology and sustainability. We hope to establish a steadily growing user base, which can be measured once we launched and that players all together will save a lot CO2. In our technology we plan to integrate tracking and analyzing parts so we can statistically evaluate and visualize our impact in the future.
Innovative Character: 
In our competitors study we weren’t able to find a single initiative or company trying to achieve what we are out for. Our game which will be location-based and context aware is a highly innovative concept and additionally we are using 3d and augmented reality technologies to implement the games and information in the real surroundings of the player.
Scaling Trajectory: