Practivate Ltd.

Practivate Ltd.
Practivate Ltd designs, develops and delivers social impact programming through social enterprise career building and entrepreneurship development for global citizens at economic risk.
Social Purpose: 
Practivate is dedicated to reducing ex-offender recidivism, prison reform and the reclamation of the intellectual and creative resources that is wasted behind bars and upon release into a community that brands these individuals as ex-offenders for life.
Social Impact: 
Practivate aims to make a significant difference in the rates of prison recidivism, raise the public awareness of the valuable intellectual and creative resources that can be contributed by these talented individuals, and provide a gateway to economic opportunity in communities where there is none. We are currently developing assessment criteria and tools so that the feedback from the data we gather can be applied to our model and shared with others who are contributing to the reduction of recidivism. We hope to embed the tracking technology as part of our infrastructure model so that the data collection and analysis is an integral component of our operations.
Innovative Character: 
While there are other job and entrepreneurship programmes offered to offenders and ex-offenders, Practivate’s unique programme model and approach to engagement is unmatched. Our competitors offer manual employment or classroom style B-school clones that neither resonates with or relates to the reality of doing illegitimate business as a matter of survival. We work with local and national government bodies and third sector organisations to identify candidates in vulnerable circumstances who want and are ready to change the course of their lives. Keepin’ It R.E.A.L. Social Enterprise Incubator -- are specifically designed to provide the legitimate social enterprise structures, opportunity for advancement, supportive community, and if applicable, an incubator environment to design, develop and launch a social enterprise business model—the tools and support necessary to live a balanced and productive life free of the destructive cycle resulting from making a living on the street with three primary objectives: 1:Acknowledge and build upon existing skills and experience by providing meaningful and interesting career opportunity and development. 2: Build self confidence in the transferable skills acquired while doing business on the street that include Resilience, Evolution, Adaptation, and the ability to cleverly Leverage limited resources, affording them a ready toolbox filled with the necessities of innovative practice. 3: Raise the bar on expectations and public awareness around the potential for contribution by these individuals whose skill and creative capital has been dismissed, underserved and untapped as an important and valuable resource.
Scaling Trajectory: