PRESENT IN SCHOOL, ABSENT IN JAIL : Prefecture of Neamt County

PRESENT IN SCHOOL, ABSENT IN JAIL : Prefecture of Neamt County
reduce criminal risk among minors through elaboration,development of partnership projects preventing juvenile delinquency and child victimization (educational ,social, economic, cultural activities)
Social Purpose: 
The juvenile delinquency phenomenon cannot be tackled and solved by one institution only. It requires a larger involvement and participation, with emphasis on nongovernmental organizations and voluntary actions. Raising awareness, education, prevention, and combating the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency represents the main objective of the project and, in this respect, we consider that this partnership represents a real gain for the target group of the project, as well as for the local community
Social Impact: 
The partners in the project have adopted the “based on results” method, which is an innovative one, with an increased added value from the conceptual point of view, and which is designed to obtain results by means of achieving the objectives of the project. The method suggested consists in carrying out the activities based on an individual graphic for each partner for the activities that, according to the project, lie under its responsibility. The institution responsible with an activity shall inform monthly the project coordinator upon the activities stage of completion, the methods used, the identification of certain deviations and the correction methods suggested.
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character of the project consisted in an integrated approach to juvenile delinquency issues, public partnership - civil society in achieving the objectives by using a minimal budget - the project had practically a source of funding, established sense of the term, the project activities made from its own budget and volunteering. The project was innovative character in terms of inter-institutional collaboration, each institution contributing specific means to achieve the common objective assumed when joining the project, namely to prevent juvenile delinquency and juvenile victimization, specific methods.
Scaling Trajectory: