Project name:INDIGO GREEN – Involving Disadvantaged GrOups in GREENery production

Project name:INDIGO GREEN – Involving Disadvantaged GrOups in GREENery production
Contribution to social cohesion through improvement of the status of the long-term unemployed persons,unemployed persons with disabilities thru tailor made education programmes in agriculture sector
Social Purpose: 
Initiative address several main items: 1. Sustainability in multiple sections – organizational (management), financial, institutional (partnership development; policy making on local and regional level) 2. Development of new social services in community (impact on employability, status improvement of disadvantaged groups, development of new forms of social entrepreneurship within region) By challenging above mentioned issues, people with disadvantaged status will have new opportunities for active participation on labour market and society in general. Also, possibilities for increasing their social involvement are going to enhance their well-being and personal capacity, as well as wider community.
Social Impact: 
People in disadvantage will be actively involved in making better conditions for their status within society and labour market, while through development of this initiative, positive influence will implicate wider population which are also in threat of social and economic exclusion. Assessment of this impact will be directly seen in increase of number of persons involved thru initiative and their future budget/incomes after the employment.
Innovative Character: 
Food processing industry more and more combines rural and urban population, generating new services and products, all in favour of given target groups and other beneficiaries. By this initiative, social component is more incorporated in entrepreneurial business, which gives added value to their work and final products.
Scaling Trajectory: