Proversity (Professional Diversity)

Proversity (Professional Diversity)
Proversity is a growing a global network of digital universities built by some of the world's leading employers.
Social Purpose: 
Structural challenges that Proversity is addressing are (1) Skills missmatches that cost the economy $150bn, (2) the challenge of a global skills gap, meaning that educational insitutions don’t prepare their students well for the workforce and (3) an unlevelled playing field when it comes to access to education and job opportunities In terms of technology and innovation the world has never been moving faster, which means that we have to prepare students for jobs that not yet exist. These relevant skills can only be taught through a direct line between internal subject matter experts an those applying for a job.
Social Impact: 
Proversity levels the playing field when it comes to access to education and job opportunities as everbody has open access to our employers universities and open courses. All learners can participate in the courses, be in direct contact with the employer, download a professional certificate on completion of the course and apply for a role within that company. This highly encourages employers to look at ability, not background of the candidates. With Proversity learners actually get the chance to showcase their ability to adapt and apply new and relevant knowledge. Our technology includes detailed data analytics, which feed into our social impact metrics: learner’s pass rate, number of learners into jobs, retention rate. From an employer point of view it allows them to measure the diversity of their workforce. In terms of qualititave research we will measure learner’s perception of their industry knowledge, understanding of the labour market, and the ability to make better informed career choices.
Innovative Character: 
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have been on the rise since 2010 in academia, where universities and other educational institutions started to open up their knowledge for everyone – the success of coursera, edX & Co has been remarkable. Proversity is the first company that brings this idea to the corporate world, facilitating a conversation between employers and learners and creating a constructive learning environment for both parts. Our technology is adapted from the open-source EdX platform (which was developed by Harvard and MIT) to a corporate environment with data analytics on top, that allow the maximisation of the use of data. At the same time it allows learners to build a ‘living CV’, where course results plus video interviews show proof of competencies and bring the CV to life – away from applicants as a piece of paper to ‘real’ people.