improve father-child relationship through products and toys
Social Purpose: 
1) Improve relationships within families (father - child) 2) realize the smallest possible ecological footprint and 3) fair trade production. The challenge is that children are mostly raised by their mothers which limits the children's perspective, while at the same time they have a need for their fathers to be more in contact (male role and communication) when the children are young (0-3)
Social Impact: 
The expected social impact is that fathers will have more knowledge about, fun and contact with their children. Contribute to job opportunities in India (producing country).
Innovative Character: 
Establishing & strenghtening the bond between father & child (age group 0-3). No such trainings or products exists (that focus on fathers). The method (play, toys) is innovative: low threshold, into the family home (as opposed to training fathers formally). Is it also accesible for people with a lower educational background.