Region Dalarna. Project name: “Move to Dalarna”

Region Dalarna. Project name: “Move to Dalarna”
Modern measures to counteract population decrease and attract skilled work force and entrepreneurs to relocate to our region.
Social Purpose: 
Demographic developments leading to large numbers of skilled staff and small business owners leaving the work force. In a region of high technology, growing hospitality industry and a large health care sector, recruitment of necessary skills is a major challenge.
Social Impact: 
Almost 600 families have moved to the region after contact with the project, most in areas where new skills were required. All municipalities and many employers are aware of the importance of attracting relocation candidates.
Innovative Character: 
Eye-catching recruitment activities based on participation by representatives at all levels from every local municipality in the region. Combined with the establishment of a long-term personal entry point for potential migrants seeking information and encouragement.
Scaling Trajectory: