Romano ButiQ

Romano ButiQ
Romano ButiQ Association develops a nationwide network of social enterprises cooperatives, focused on Roma craftsmen.
Social Purpose: 
The initiative is dealing with the problem of unemployed Roma craftsmen. For now, they are outside of the legal framework – they sell their products without having formal documents, they are not paying taxes and social contributions, so they don’t benefit of retiring pension and social insurance. So, in order for that to change, throughout this initiative, we are trying to include them legally on the labor market. In this way, they get the opportunity to have a durable income and to improve other aspects of their life, socially and economically speaking.
Social Impact: 
By having an income, the Roma craftsmen working in Romano ButiQ cooperatives can have the opportunity to access other essential benefits such medical services, educations, housing and to improve their social status. The frequency of the social impact is directly linked to the development of the cooperatives and the amount of sales from the products.
Innovative Character: 
Since Roma crafts are traditional, the initiative supports and promotes the Roma tradition and specific cultural elements. Unlike other similar initiatives, our focus is to include Roma persons on the labor market by valorizing their inherited crafts, rather than specialize them in other new occupations.
Scaling Trajectory: