Integrated poverty reduction through affordable housing - living environment targeted at households in poverty in Antwerp region
Social Purpose: 
fighting poverty through a) affordable housing, b) participatory approach, whereby during renovations of (9) publicly owned housing units some can aquire skills - benefits for personal / professional use. c) community shared products and services so each household in these 9 adjecent blocks can futher decrease cost of living or enhance participation to mainstream life.
Social Impact: 
the project is still in process of designing & defining it's impact measurement framework, but indicators such as number of people helped - improved living a working status - health & educational benefits etc are part of the domains that will be measured.
Innovative Character: 
The project currently in realisation goes beyond offering a low rent to poor households, it also includes cost of living - enhanced by participatory elements during and after the renovation. It also focusses on some financial innovation / optimisation to tap into broader pool of financial resources than current public budgets.