SAPADU is a smartphone app that cuts down all the hassle and makes the tedious daily tasks of planning, shopping and cooking easy and fun, and thereby reduces unnecessary food waste
Social Purpose: 
Our project addresses the problem of food waste in households. EU households discard of approximately 100 million tons of edible food every year (2014 estimate). This is a massive ecological problem, as it means loss of resources along the entire food chain (water, energy, soil/farmland; but also time and work input) and results in preventable CO2-emissions.
Social Impact: 
Our target is to reduce food waste by 30 percent per household/year and thus around 15.000 CO2 equivalents per year. The smartphone app is using statistics and tracking to assess the ecological impact on a fully anonymous basis. Changes in eating and food consumption patterns can be tracked by the number and quality of recipes chosen, the ingredients used in the pantry/fridge and on the shopping cart. The assessment is done in real-time.
Innovative Character: 
Habits such as eating and food consumption patterns can only be influenced in a subtle, non-intrusive way without using “morale” as incentive. Consumers need to gain a real value – monetary or emotional - in order to change to more sustainable patterns. Our smartphone app satisfies both needs. We make the processes linked to food planning, shopping and cooking fun, social and spark interest to learn more about the topic. But we also provide for quick, quantifiable gains for the user: They save time AND money.