See What I Mean

See What I Mean
The See What I Mean App is an innovative solution to communication problems for people living with dementia.
Social Purpose: 
Around 23 million people have a close friend or family member living with dementia and there are over 800,000 people living with this condition in the UK with these figures set to double over the next 40 years –AlzhemiersResearchUK. Dementia creates distinct challenges in how people express themselves and understand what is being communicated to them. Communication is a critical component of our lives; it enables us to express who we are and allows us to relate to one another. Losing this ability to communicate is one of the most difficult problems for people with dementia and their carers.
Social Impact: 
We currently measure the mood, communication and engagement of people living with dementia. We will evaluate the impact our work has we develop and scale the use of the app mainly through questionnaires, interviews and observations as we have already used these forms of evaluations successfully in our pilot. As the use of the app scales in care providers we will develop a questionnaire built into the app to make it easy for carers to report back each time they use it.
Innovative Character: 
The benefits of using images with people living with dementia have long been known and have formed the basis of current therapies such as Reminiscence Therapy, however there has been little innovation in the development of tech based solutions that really build on this knowledge. For people living with dementia words can become hard to understand whilst images retain their meaning and can communicate more clearly and emotionally then words. The SWiM ipad app turns the words you say into images to harness the power they have to communicate, stimulate memories and discussion by bringing them into the moment of a conversation. Allowing people to save and build collections of images that relate specifically to a person that become more and more important in supporting them as their dementia progresses. SWiM may also have the potential to improve cognitive ability as well as communication through the way it reconnects a concept (image) with a word meaning. Existing solutions are mainly analog e.g photo albums/picture cards/picture books. Digital solutions such as My Life Software tend to be high cost and out date easily with limited content available and no speech recognition functionality.
Scaling Trajectory: