university-based startup which produces Serwantess, an electronic voice-controlled assistant for persons with disabilities
Social Purpose: 
Persons that cannot control their body are completely dependent on other people’s help. A disabled person feels constant frustration not being able to do anything on his own, and at the same time the life quality of their family members is severely affected too.
Social Impact: 
With Serwantess, a person with disability regains the independence. The simple tasks of everyday life can be done without by simply saying a voice command. Furthermore, with the help of Serwantess a severely disabled person can start working again. Having Serwantess, the voice command is enough to make a phone call, browse the Internet or send an e-mail, which opens new possibilities for a disabled person to earn a living.
Innovative Character: 
Serwantess is speaker independent system (no need to train it to the user's voice), speaks six languages, all the technical support can be done remotely, installation is very fast (2 hours). Serwantess is technically more advanced product and at the same time more affordable than competitors.