Shake the World

Shake the World
Making a positive difference through fair-trade bracelets as part of awareness campaigns
Social Purpose: 
Look good; by wearing fashionable products > impact the fashion sector Feel good; by joining a positive movement of conscious life loving people around the world > impact general populations Do good; by supporting fair fashion and with that empower hundreds of female crafters > impact livelihoods in emerging economies
Social Impact: 
impact the fashion sector > # of corporate partners that engage in the movement and take up StW products impact general populations > # of bracelets sold impact livelihoods in emerging economies > # of jobs created
Innovative Character: 
we managed to make fair trade fashionable and open main stream markets and with that sold almost € 500.000 internationally. A best practice in public private partnerships - social entrepreneurship - trade instead of aid and fighting poverty with profit.
Scaling Trajectory: