Smart: empowering the cultural sector through services designed for it.
Social Purpose: 
Making the culture sector more efficient and dynamic, with a special attention to the rights of cultural workers. Facilitating job opportunities for members and empowering the skills of artists.
Social Impact: 
A lower uncertainty in the cultural sector as for workers mainly. They will be able to produce a strong social impact in the creative sector because many artists suffer from the strong delay in payments by public and private sources and consequently it is hard for them to manage their cultural projects. Now they are setting-up some parameters for monitoring the social impact and to evaluate the satisfaction of stakeholders. They will use the methodology of the social balance.
Innovative Character: 
Artists are considered not only creative but also professionals, helping them exploit their potential. Being mutualistic: artists that help other artists without public funding. The business will invest savings in a mutual fund that guarantees payments to the artists. The company, and not the artists, owns the business risk. The goal is to guarantee the payment for job of an artist member in 30-60 days. In Italy a service like this does not exist.
Scaling Trajectory: