SOcial cooperative Poznanianka

SOcial cooperative Poznanianka
Poznanianka was set by the city of Poznan to give jobs to people having rental debts with municipality to help them to pay their debts and not being evicted by theirs homes.
Social Purpose: 
The aim of the cooperative is to give jobs to people having rental debts with the municipality. 30% of salary is used to pay debts and therefore to prevent eviction from social houses. It also helps people to go back to normal life.
Social Impact: 
The people who work in the cooperative are nt evicted from their homes and become able to pay their debts. Disadvantaged people get a permanent job. The municipality is able to get services and to have its debts repayed.
Innovative Character: 
The cooperative is innovative because its founding member is the municipality itself. Through the mecanism of hte cooperaite the municipality buys services (gardening, cleaning, construction) from the cooperative and at the same time use part of the salary to reduce debts of people emplyed in hte cooperative.
Scaling Trajectory: