Social Entreprise Academy

Social Entreprise Academy
Collaboration to support the emerging concept of social enterprise and social entrepreneurs
Social Purpose: 
- supporting the enterprising Third Sector - trade to deliver a social purpose with any surplus being reinvested to create more social and community benefit
Social Impact: 
- creation of a flexible bursary fund to allow responsive learning and development solutions delivered by the Academy - increment of the sustainable participation of excluded groups in the workforce - supporting social entrepreneurs and third sector leaders to enhance their personal growth, organisational sustainability and community impact; - lead to the overall effectiveness, sustainability and success of the enterprising third sector, and social change towards a society combining economic activity with social benefit - economic/social measures of outcomes – e.g. it gets more people back to work than other approaches, or it is more cost effective - social measurement techniques were these have been previously conducted (including an SROI calculation). - survey data – based on user satisfaction questionnaires; data on stakeholder views;
Innovative Character: 
- increase the sustainable participation of excluded groups in the workforce - deliver social enterprise knowledge and expertise to teachers, school staff and students - safe, participative and supportive learning environment
Scaling Trajectory: