Social Venture Africa

Social Venture Africa
SVAfrica uses solar technologies to address two different market segments: water disinfection and phone charging. Our main beneficiaries are young women.
Social Purpose: 
We address the lack of electricity and lack of clean drinking water by empowering women. In the rural areas of Ghana less than half of the households are connected to the electricity. The gender gap is sizeble: less than 1/3 of women is literate, they often work in unpaid agricultural job and when they earn some money it's on average 1/5 of what a man does.
Social Impact: 
Empower women giving them education and employment opportunities. Sustain the business of female micro-entrepreneurs. Increase the quality of life of the households in the rural villages selling affordable clean drinking water and solar power devices. We measure: - the number of students/women finishing with our training and finding an employment or moving to higher forms of education; -the number of solar devices sold in the area estimating the relative energy saving; - the number of solar phone chargers sold to female micro-entrepreneurs monitoring the effect on their businesses - the liters of water sold and health impact.
Innovative Character: 
With Charge-up Ghana we do not import the final solar powered devices but we produce them sourcing and recycling most of the material locally. We train young students in their production and create a network of female micro-entrepreneurs to distribute them. The water disinfection project instead uses established technologies but combines them with innovative market-based methods that create different market institutions that revolutionize its adoption.