Something & Son

Something & Son
FARM:shop is a in a shop. Integrating aquaponic fish farming, hydroponics, poultry and mushrooms – all growing in high yield, environmentally friendly systems in a terraced building & garden
Social Purpose: 
Structural challenges: food supply, sustainable food production & food systems. Important for climate change, feeding populations. FARM: design, build and operate sustainable urban farms and innovative growing systems. We believe in city grown food that is fresh, tasty, sustainable and grown with our customers helping hands. We cut carbon and reduce waste by using the latest agricultural innovations in aquaponics, hydroponics, vermiculture and greenhouse design.
Social Impact: 
1) To excite and inspire city dwellers to grow their own food and make an income doing this. 2) To create direct links between farms in the countryside with communities in cities 3) To grow food commercially via a network of FARM:'s across cities and retail this food at FARM:shop's 4) To involve local community growing sites & people as much as possible in the aims above
Innovative Character: 
This kind of innitiatve does not exisit in many EU locations. Where urban farming initatives do exist they are not necessarily so inolved in / with local community, or running such a self-sustaining model.
Scaling Trajectory: