Sopra il Muro

Sopra il Muro
Sopra il Muro is a modern company perfectly balanced between social responsibility and professional development. With combination of these elements, it is possible to create a new responsible economy.
Social Purpose: 
• The main important objective nowadays is to be more structured and not depend from public funds. To open the organisation to private market means to be more competitive and to offer more products as well as ornamental plants, garden furniture, design, consulting, tips for the proper care of the tree heritage, realization of gardens, maintenance, high quality of services in the field of green.
Social Impact: 
• The social impact in the territories served is very strong and high. The disadvantaged workers involved are more than 50% of the other workers. Each three months there is an evaluation with a tutor and the workers. Each year is produced a report of activities and goals achieved.
Innovative Character: 
• The aim is to renovate old nursery or dismissed building. The places are completely changed improving or creating all the services necessary for the garden and the environment. All the activities are developed with disadvantage people that after a training are involved in the direct management of the new gardens.
Scaling Trajectory: