South Karelia Social Health Care District

South Karelia Social Health Care District
South Karelia Social and Health Care District’s Mobile Clinic “Mallu” provides clients living in less-populated areas social and health care services closer their home
Social Purpose: 
Eksote has integrated social and health care services to provide more comprehensive, cost efficient and client/patient friendly service processes. Increasing pressure to the service system due to ageing of the population challenges social and health care sector to find new solutions for providing services and promoting health and well-being. Mobile services allow providing cost-efficient and flexible services in a new integrated service structure.
Social Impact: 
Developing new processes and service structure leads to more sustainable services and equality in between different areas.
Innovative Character: 
Providing services in a mobile platform allows for flexible service structure planning. Services can flexibly be brought to areas where there are no health care centres or social care centres. Currently the Mobile Clinic Mallu’s services consist of nurse’s consultation, blood samples dental health care and social services.
Scaling Trajectory: