SpeakSet connects older people to their support network through simplified video calling on the TV.
Social Purpose: 
- Loneliness and isolation in old age - Access to healthcare - Sustainability of healthcare
Social Impact: 
User data logged from calls and qualitative surveys taken at regular intervals. These two datasets are matched and analysed regularly. Even as part of our sales process, trials are designed with every single customer in order to measure outcomes as well as cost savings for care providers.
Innovative Character: 
We have listened to what older people want. Even the idea for the product came out of talking to and understanding older peoples lives. Our design and build of the product has created a truly usable device that older people find familiar. We not only sell to healthcare and make the roll out of video calling simple for IT managers and commissioners within the NHS but also make it super simple (and free!) for family to get involved and see their loved ones wherever they are in the world.
Scaling Trajectory: