SPK (Digidak incubated by SPK)

SPK (Digidak incubated by SPK)
Empower and connect vulnerable citizens, using ICT as key enabler.
Social Purpose: 
Bridging the digital gap for vulnerable target groups in order to have more inclusive societis as well as creating emplyment.
Social Impact: 
Active in approx 20 municipalities (biggest Flemish initiative) Reaching many thousands of citizens that face a digital treshold Engaging 200 volunteers and some socially employed coworkers Strengthening people’s skills, personal network, self confidence, employability, world view, … Strengthening local communities
Innovative Character: 
Using a very local approach (public computer rooms) working with volonteers (retired professionals) and using a veru open, low level approach in order to attract the most vulnerable public.
Scaling Trajectory: