Stand Alone Charity

Stand Alone Charity
Stand Alone Charity runs groups that connect adults that are estranged from their families in their localities.
Social Purpose: 
Our project addresses the stigma associated with family dysfunction, which can lead people into social isolation. It also addresses the need for people to make connections in a safe and supported environment, where they can work on building trust and enhance pre-exiting social networks with these skills. The challenge is important as the sense of shame associated with family dysfunction has a huge impact on feelings of self-worth, and an ability to operate as part of the community.
Social Impact: 
The impact is simply to share experiences and break down social isolation and promote social inclusion by removing shame and strengthening relationships with others. We assess the impact using beneficiary feedback, expert input and measuring the wellbeing and quality of relationships before/after attending a meet-up group with others that have been estranged from their family. We also measure this impact after two months and four months…
Innovative Character: 
There is no existing initiative to tackle family estrangement, and we are the first organisation of our kind to speak up about this social need. We are very innovative in that we don’t always believe that families belong together, and there are instances where it is healthier to be apart, for example with forced marriage survivors. Yet we accept that much as these people cannot take part in a family network, this background may lead them to be very vulnerable.
Scaling Trajectory: