State of Ambition

State of Ambition
We build support networks around young people and their ambitions through our digital platform
Social Purpose: 
It tackles social isolation and the underlying causes of long term unemployment
Social Impact: 
We measure the number of people who see a young person’s campaign, the number of opportunities created as a result of the campaigns and the increase in the number of people each young person can call upon. These are assessed immediately after the campaigns and 3 months afterwards.
Innovative Character: 
We are decentralising talent discovery and talent broadcast, by enabling those who want to get into work to build conversations with those in work. We do this through our digital platform, where each young person can create word of mouth around themselves through a 21 day online marketing campaign and then an offline innovation challenge, with our corporate partners. This leads to long term support networks for young people, better career education, a fairer way to raise profiles and
Scaling Trajectory: