Stickyboard aims to be the world’s local web developer. We build sites and platforms for local organisations and reinvest half our profits back into a UK wide Village Noticeboard for all to benefit
Social Purpose: 
We believe strong communities are the foundation for a healthy society. Despite huge advances in communication, we observe people becoming strangers in their own neighbourhoods. We set up Stickyboard to solve this problem by providing web development to organisations such as councils, housing associations and larger corporates and reinvesting half our profits into a Village Noticeboard for the UK.
Social Impact: 
We increase the strength of communities by increasing the quantity and quality of relationships between individuals and organisations within them. This results in better socio-economic outcomes across all aspects of the community from access to healthcare and services to reduced isolation and improved intra-community relations. Our platform is able to track basic interactions in real-time.
Innovative Character: 
Our noticeboard, platform and social ethos set us apart from all other providers in the local web development market (estimated to be worth £18bn per year in the UK). The noticeboard is the first UK-wide village noticeboard, covering all 1.6 million postcodes, 10.2 million locations and aggregating over 150,000 items of local content such as news, events and services. This is supported by an open-source based General Community platform (GeCo) that allows us to build sites and platforms at a scale and cost competitive with much larger organisations allowing us to reinvest profits back into the noticeboard for the whole community to benefit.
Scaling Trajectory: