Sveriges Internationella Talanger

Sveriges Internationella Talanger
Assists educated foreigners┬┤integration into the Swedish labor market, by providing relevant centralized information and contacts.Hleping businesses find global talent easily
Social Purpose: 
Help to reduce structural discrimination in the labor market against educated foreigners through their publicity and existence while at the same time offering this Group a central Place to find information and connect with each other and those already working. This way they can learn and also enter the labor market.
Social Impact: 
Helping their members find jobs and opportunities as well as to improve their own job search activities. They do not formally measure successes but have had members give them feedback that SIT has helped them find opportunities or at the very minimum stay focused/not lose hope.
Innovative Character: 
They are the only Group of its kind that gathers a critical mass of foreign talent and offers them a voice and various channels to communicate and express themselves.