talentify provides unique career and educatonal programs, help skill build high-school students to become tutors and connect them with younger students from lower socio-economic families.
Social Purpose: 
Austria ranks 21 of 23 OECD countries when it comes to upward social mobility in education. Educational opportunities are heavily dependent on the socio-economic background of families. At the age of 10, children are divided in different school models - a higher quality and an average or lower one. Which leaves 83% of children from lower socio-economic families at lower quality schools, where they lack access to relevant and top quality education. Thus, they are not able to compete with their more affluent and privileged peers at high quality schools. They will not realize their full earning potential - especially in Austria, like recent studies from OECD show. Austria and other European countries invest significant euros annually in every student in the education system. However, we are stuck in a political discussion with minimal progress. This has driven many parents to seek outside educational inputs through tutoring - a big business in Austria (109 million € p.a.). But many students from lower socio-economic families do not have access to this critical educational resource. Even half of households that can afford tutoring say it is a huge financial burden for them.
Social Impact: 
The core impact we focus on is breaking the doom loop between poverty and education and thereby enable, above all, less privileged and undereducated young people to have a live in prosperity. Austria ranks 21 of 23 OECD countries when it comes to upward social mobility in education (Education at a Glance 2014). Thereby we want to lower the costs of tutoring for those who can't afford it otherwise (average price is 30 Euro/hour and Austrian households are spending more than 100 mio. Euro p.a.) and offer extracurricular education and career programs. Also we are strengthening social skills, creativity and a sense of responsibility by empowering young people to help themselves (capacity building). We measure impact by the amount of students we reach, the number of tutoring lessons given, the relation of peer-to-peer tutoring to classic tutoring lessons and the development of dropouts over time. Long-term performance indicators are social mobility in our system compared to regular/public numbers and the social cohesion measured by students from privileged families helping students from less privileged ones. Our goal is to raise the ratio of peer-to-peer tutoring from current 5% to 10% by the end of 2016 and thereby reach 3,5% (40.000) of all students (until age 19). On the long term our vision is to give all children equal educational chances and bring this solution to other countries. Our impact is assessed and measured short and long term by the focus mentioned before. Furthermore we are currently thinking about implement Ashoka’s SRS reporting standards for our social impact.
Innovative Character: 
talentify brings together young people from very different socio-economic backgrounds and encourages them to help each other. By empowering students to give peer-to-peer tutoring and pass on knowledge they strengthen their social skills and sense of responsibility by providing an alternative to existing tutoring offers at the same time, especially for those who can't afford it. Thus our goal is to establish a sustainable cycle through capacity building nurturing individual talents and help young people reaching their full potential, regardless of their socioeconomic background. To motivate and keep young people in the platform engaging with each other, we combine gamification concepts with an online and offline component. Thus good actions and interactions (e.g. tutoring, attending workshops) in the platform are rewarded with bonus points, which help students reach different levels. Each level offers unique and interesting contents and services they can unlock from talentify. Last but not least we also want to help students after graduating or dropping out of school to find a job or life-path they find fulfilling, by utilizing a value-based approach. By working together with companies and universities offering opportunities for employer branding to reach high potentials right at school we can create another win-win situation.
Scaling Trajectory: