TERRACOOPA : Agriculture and environnemental cooperative

TERRACOOPA : Agriculture and environnemental cooperative
Creation of connections between agricultural actors and producers of green organic wastes. The finality is to produce high quality compost and create local jobs.
Social Purpose: 
Which structural challenge(s) does the initiative address: we help to create lowcost fertilizer and we develop cooperation between agricultural partners. Why is this challenge important: to prevent the future global change to sustainable agriculture
Social Impact: 
What is the social impact that the initiative produces: creating sustainable channels for economy and social benefits. How are these impacts assessed and with what frequency: We can create one cooperation (20 farms) for 50 km around. Each cooperation can produce homemade fertilizer all year along, treating 4000 tons of organic wastes and producing 1000 tons of compost.
Innovative Character: 
Why is it innovative: we use all technics to produce better compost in accord to climate conditions. We use microbiological science to regulate oxygen, water and composition for the evolution of organic matter. What sets it apart from existing initiatives: our initiative is unique because it creates cohesion between actors for using wastes to create local fertilizer.